Why you may want to work with me

"Since 2000, I have been helping adults, teenagers and children deal with life and it's joys, complexities and stressors. It's an incredible job — one that I find deeply personal and fulfilling."


As a freshman in high school, I struggled with depression and lost interest in my friends and activities.  Most people didn’t know and I hid it with a smile on my face.  A neighbor’s mom told me “this too shall pass”. I didn’t believe her but I eventually started to feel like myself again. Not knowing how to feel better and being in emotional pain is scary.

Families and individuals tell me the hardest step is to pick up the phone and ask about counseling. I agree, it is terrifying to be vulnerable and ask for help. But it is authenticity that frees us to be ourselves. The person usually tells me that at first, he or she is worried because something does not feel right but they don't want the counselor to "freak out" or pathologize the problem--especially with a child or teenager.  This is where my strengths lie. I promise to focus on what is working well for the client and I will respect you or your family member as a unique person and not a diagnosis.

I also make therapy as brief as possible because it is an investment. Families have to dedicate time out of their busy lives to prioritize therapy so I am flexible and short-term oriented.  When tools have been learned and communication has improved, treatment is concluded.  The average client sees me for three months. I see clients on Tuesdays from 9-7, Wednesdays from 9-7 and Thursdays from 9-5. I ocassionally work on Mondays and Fridays.  Some clients prefer therapy over the phone after the initial consultation. The initial session is one hour and $160. The follow up sessions are priced at $145 and I can give you receipts to file out of network with your insurance.

Considering counseling is a big step, so calling me to learn more about it is encouraged. In 15 minutes on the phone, we should be able to see if we are a good fit to work together or if I can connect you with a referral. You may not even know what the issue is (that's fine, therapy helps frame feelings) or you may want wellness counseling to help what is already working work even better. Listening and being understood is healing. Some beautiful things happen in the therapeutic process when I can help you look at yourself with a kinder lens. I know you have the choice of several therapists and I appreciate you reading about my practice.